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MedFile Dealership
Software for Healthcare

We are currently looking for dealers across Telangana and AP for reselling our software and services. We will provide the complete training of the software. You will be fully equipped with all the details to sell the software effectively. We develop products for various entities like hospitals, labs, diagnostic centers, pharmacies, doctors, pharma companies etc. With a diverse software product range targeted for varied markets and customers, you as a dealer/resseller are guaranteed a good business.

Have Some Questions?

Yes, We provide our software on the cloud. The platform that we use is Microsoft Azure. You simply open your browser and start using the software.
Yes, For certain clients, based on their requirements, we can provide an in-house installation of the software. There are minimum requirements for in-house installation.
Yes, We provide complete training of the software mostly on your premises. Under certain circumstances, we might have to provide online training to the customer.
Support for the software is provided through our support line. The support team will guide you through any questions you might have. Any enhancements to the software functionality will be addressed by the development team.
Miscrosoft Azure comes with a 99.95% uptime service guarantee. We provide the same to our customers. We do not need to take backup since the cloud servers are automatically backed up continuously.