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MedFile - Labs - Features

  • Front Desk/Reception Module - Patient Registration, Lab billing, Search by Phone, UMR, Secure billing with edit facility only for admin etc.
  • Sample collection - List of bills for sample collection, bar code generation and scanning, search by barcode and bill number
  • Radiology Module - Radiology Billing, Radiology templates, Entry of reports based on the templates, Authorize and dispatch
  • Result processing - List of bills for result processing, Templates for result entry based on age and gender, Result entry and printing, List of pending bills etc.
  • Authorization - easy view and authorization of previously saved results, Automated digital signatures
  • Dispatch - Dispatch via print, dispatch through SMS, Simple Intimation through SMS that reports are readywhereever necessary, Print only upon patient arrival
  • Expenses - Expense entry, Vendor maintenance, automatic current stock calculation, expense reports, integration with shift collections
  • Reports Module - Management Reports, Shift collection reports, Billing reports, OP summary reports
  • Online patient reports - All Dispatched reports can be viewed online using a simple OTP process for security

Lab Management System Made Easy

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