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Hospital Out patient

Patient Registration, Consultation billing, Print bill, prescription, Search by Phone etc

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Hospital In patient

Patient Admission, Ward maintenance, Group Services, Recurring services etc.

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Digital IP Case sheets

Complete scanning of existing records, Storage records online or offline etc.

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Hassle Free
Lab Management

Just open up your favorite browser and start operating your lab in a secure environment. We provide our software on the cloud with hassle free 99.95% uptime

Sample collection

List of bills for sample collection, bar code generation and scanning, search by barcode and bill number.

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Radiology Module

Radiology Billing, Radiology templates, Entry of reports based on the templates, Authorize and dispatch

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Dispatch Module

Dispatch via print, dispatch through SMS, Simple Intimation through SMS that reports are ready whereever necessary

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OP Electronic Medical Records Made Easy

Doctor availability, Flexible availability timings at multiple locations, Appoinment entry, Appoinment reports based on dates, List of all previous appointments for a paient

Enter prescriptions based on templates, Add medicines and their sigs for easy entry, Comfortable print formats.

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Hassle Free

Rest assured that you have a reliable software partner. Security of your data is our top priority . We provide our software on the cloud with hassle free 99.95% uptime.

Billing Module

Check availability, location of stock, expiration while billing, automatic profit/loss check with discounts

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Purchase Module

Purchase entry as per purchase bill. Automatic GST calculations. Corrections to batchnumber, expiry date etc.

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Inventory management

Initial stock entry, Automatic deduction of inventory based on sales, Inventory corrections etc.

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Have Some Questions?

Yes, we provide our software on the cloud. The platform that we use is Microsoft Azure. You simply open your browser and start using the software.
Yes, for certain clients, based on their requirements, we can provide an in-house installation of the software. There are minimum requirements for in-house installation.
Yes, we provide complete training of the software mostly on your premises. Under certain circumstances, we might have to provide online training to the customer.
Support for the software is provided through our support line. The support team will guide you through any questions you might have. Any enhancements to the software functionality will be addressed by the development team.
Microsoft Azure comes with a 99.95% uptime service guarantee. We provide the same to our customers. We do not need to take backup since the cloud servers are automatically backed up continuously.

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Organization Health

Your health auditor asks you for a particular employee's record. You have to call your service provider and tell him to get you a printed copy. You can just search for the record and print it instantly in our software.

Company Health Analytics
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Comprehensive patient reports
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Comprehensive lab reports
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